Total lifecycle consulting

Forge Site Services maximizes asset value throughout the entire lifecycle


At Forge Site Services Pty Ltd, we bring a wealth of experience to every stage of your asset’s lifecycle and operations. The sooner we’re involved in your process, the higher the value we’re able to bring value to the table.

Feasibility and Concept

A significant number of our clients choose to involve us during the feasibility and conceptual development (pre-FEED) stage, allowing us to devise a robust execution concept for their project. This involvement gives the added confidence in both the schedule and cost that investors & stakeholders desire.

Forge Site Services has its own unique process, the Client Workforce Support Assessment,  to identify the diverse risks, and unlock opportunities associated with your project.  We evaluate the entire lifecycle of the asset, including workforce demographics, local conditions, constructability and maintainability, total operating costs and even potential disposition and demobilisation options.  

Forge Site Services scales our support to align with your needs, so you have our resources precisely when you require them.  We eliminate duplication of effort by dovetailing our efforts with the skills already present in your team.  This approach guarantees that our advice aligns with and is incorporated into your overall business strategy, ensuring that our solutions are the right fit for your specific needs, thereby avoiding the “square peg in a round hole” scenario.


Forge Site Services boasts a team of seasoned experts, unparalleled in their hands-on experience of executing construction projects in a variety of remote environments. Our team possesses an extensive understanding of potential challenges including supply chain complications, workforce management, scarcity of materials, local legislative requirements, as well as environmental and security risks. Using our proprietary Client Workforce Support Assessment, we identify and leverage unique opportunities within your local footprint, fostering partnerships with local contractors, workers, and suppliers. Our knowledge, innovative approach, and creativity serve as the foundation for accurately identifying and mitigating risks, setting the stage for project success.

Forge Site Services is known for its flexibility during the construction phase, providing support that aligns with your company’s capabilities. Our support varies from offering direct leadership and oversight in the field, serving as advisors alongside your team, to mobilising and managing a complete in-field solution utilising our network of experienced and industry-leading professionals.

Acting as the on-site Project Management team, we oversee your contractors, allowing you to concentrate on your core business without compromising value or quality. This approach efficiently minimizes risk and ensures a ‘no surprise’ project execution, thus maximizing your return on investments.

Alternatively, if your project is underway, and encountering challenges, Forge Site Services will deliver a valuable ‘cold eyes review’, unlocking new opportunities and solutions, providing your team the support they need to continue towards success.


At Forge Site Services, we excel in designing for operability as well as the challenging transition phase from construction to operations, guaranteeing a seamless startup. Our professionals can deliver a bespoke plan to effectively manage and maintain your facilities, while also pinpointing the optimal service providers for your requirements. Leveraging our extensive experience in overseeing significant startups, we deliver operational excellence as we understand the essence of 'good'. Our offerings span beyond camps and encapsulate a broad spectrum of non-process infrastructure including airfields, ports, roads, fuel farms, and waste processing. For clients embarking on projects in regions with sparse services and capacity, we provide insightful guidance to ensure your plans synergize with local content initiatives and amplify your corporate social responsibility impacts.

For existing operations, we can provide complete consultancy to optimise and enhance operations and ensure compliance. Forge Site Services has a strong network of facilities services and operations leadership professionals that can mobilise globally to support any challenge.


At Forge Site Services, we understand the importance of envisioning the end from the beginning, which is frequently overlooked. Contemplating the alternatives for asset disposal or value recovery forms a vital part of our services and buttresses our commitment to providing total life cycle value to our clients.

If you have existing assets and demobilization needs, we encourage you to reach out to us. Harness our regional and global networks to discover the most beneficial disposal methods for your assets. In many instances, we can incorporate appealing commercial solutions right from the start.

When it comes to your supporting workforces and services, we boast the expertise to manage transitions in a seamless, orderly, and well-structured manner.

Demobilization often poses high-risk conditions and stress, particularly in remote operating locations. Thus, engaging with Forge Site Services can help you evade potential pitfalls and maintain your hard-earned corporate and social reputation.