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Supporting clients in Remote and Challenging Environments Worldwide

Forge Site Services will mitigate your risks across all dimensions of your remote site infrastructure and workforce logistics requirements.

supporting your workforce and infrastructure SOLUTIONS in remote and challenging environments REQUIRES EXPERTISE AND DEDICATED EFFORt to enable success.


The following infrastructure and workforce logistics activities are essential for enabling success :

  • Project Management for the development & operation of camps, and other non-process infrastructure such as airfields, roads, warehouses, maintenance shops, office buildings and utilities.
  • Recruitment and the streamlined mobilisation of both construction and site support staff.
  • Safety, health security, welfare & morale of your workforce.
  • Travel bookings, ground transport & charter travel coordination.
  • Integration of health, security and environmental requirements.
  • Working with local suppliers, communities and workers to deliver tangible corporate social responsibility outcomes.


Are you trying to accomplish these things as a secondary task to your core project or duties, perhaps to the point that it is a burden or distraction?  Or, is your EPC contractor delivering outcomes that are high cost but low in quality.

The challenge is that there are very few reliable and reputable partners in this space who truly know what global best practice looks like, and how to bring this to your project, especially when confronted with the complexities of remote and challenging operating locations.  

You may also be relying on advice and solutions from a team that is only focused on a specific part of the asset lifecycle, and making decisions that protect their interests and eroding your asset value, instead of unlocking it.  

This is where Forge Site Services plays a role. We understand for example that operability is an essential element of design. We think strategically and act locally to bring you results and avoid the pitfalls.

Leverage the expertise and experience of the Forge team, honed from working throughout the World’s most challenging and remote locations, to address questions like:

Who are the best contractors or suppliers to use?

The market is very big, and sometime glossy marketing can seem like they are the biggest and best, but there is a 90% chance you are making a decision on gut feel, not actually knowing if the contractor is the best for your needs.

How to choose the best system for the environment?

Each supplier or provider has their own building system, and promises high quality, while the other is the cheapest! How do you know which is the best product for your unique location and requirements?

Get bogged down with trying to manage all the different elements of workforce logistics, rather than focusing on your main goal!

Thinking that if you do it yourself you will save money or time, all that happens is you take on the burden, and any perceived savings are quickly eroded on this distraction from your core business.

How your host country’s local bureaucracy can stall your project or cost you a lot more than anticipated?

Operating in host countries that you are unfamiliar with is going to be tough! Everyday you learn of a new licence, or law or procedure that you should have followed but its too late and is now costing time and money that you don’t have!

How to develop a full strategy for your workforce requirements, including camps, facilities, operations and support systems?

You may have already tried your EPCM to ‘add on’ a camp, but it is looking expensive or not ideal for your needs.  Aside from the design and build, how will the facilities integrate with your other operational and local requirements?

Have you designed for constructability and operability?

The Forge team thinks ahead about constructability and supportability from conceptual and feasibility studies, through construction, operations, and even disposal of the asset.  This is critical to consider in remote locations, often with major financial and schedule impacts if not done right.

We Save You Costs and reduce your risk, Simply by changinging the way you do what you are already doing.

The common management approach often sees teams operate in silo’s, and without adequate oversight from those with the experience to know “what good looks like”.  This approach leads to large project or operations teams, sometimes out of their depth, and a lack of integration. Leverage the value of Forge Site Services integrated approach and gain the support of professionals with world-class experience across the following dimensions.

Recruitment and HR

Engineering and Design

Supply Of Buildings

Installation of Buildings


Facilities Management



Work with Forge Site Services to reduce cost and management burden on an already overloaded project or operations team.  In doing so, you will regain focus on the core business that will generate profit for your venture while achieving excellence.

Map of FSS focus areas