Workforce Logistics Operations


Transforming Workforce Logistics with aN INTEGRATED global approach to operational excellence

At Forge Site Services, we redefine logistics, optimizing your journey for maximum value and risk reduction. With global expertise, we prioritize efficiency and safety, seamlessly integrating technology and driving substantial gains. From start to finish, Forge unlocks efficiencies in workforce logistics operations, ensuring optimal results.

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Workforce Logistics Operations

Many company’s experience of travel to a remote site for work involves:
  • Multiple paper forms, often filling out the same information many times.
  • Different teams responsible for booking different parts of the journey.
  • Unexpected arrivals, or logistics staff expecting arrivals that don’t show.
  • Poor planning and difficult to correctly size camps and transport services.
  • Service failures for the traveller, with transport or accommodation never available when it is
  • Lack of accurate data to enable reporting, optimisation or negotation of better rates or

Forge Site Services stands as a thought leader in Workforce Logistics operations, combined with global experience in this space that's second to none. Forge views the journey from home to work as an interconnected system that can be optimized and managed for both the company's and the worker's benefit. Their approach not only reaps financial advantages but also boosts the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) aspects of a company.

Forge Site Serivces have access to the world's leading workforce logistics technology platforms, including Trobexis ( which can seamlessly integrate and enhance any logistics operation, from planning through to activity reporting. This includes the full range of logistics services such as commercial air travel, charter flights, ground transport, accommodation, and even high-risk journeys.

Forge Site Services can introduce global best practices into your operations by reviewing and improving your existing operations with enhanced practices and systems. However, the most significant gains are often achieved by implementing outsourced solutions that reduce the need for specialist in-house staff and provide access to shared high-skilled resources.

For your current operations, whether it be travel and service coordination, camp management, aviation and marine services, Forge Site Services has a proud track record of identifying efficiencies and improvements and helping our client implement them. We understand that change that affects people can be challenging, but when executed well, there are inevitably great gains to be made. Clients who have embraced the opportunity to transform and modernise their Workforce Logistics operations through the deployment of best practice and technology solutions have typically yielded well in excess of 20% savings in operating expenditure (OPEX). We encourage you to make contact with Forge Site Services today to understand how to unlock the opportunities within your workforce Logistics operations.