Financing Solutions

Helping overcome financial barriers for clients


At Forge Site Services, we redefine logistics, optimizing your journey for maximum value. With global expertise, we prioritize efficiency and safety, seamlessly integrating technology and driving substantial gains. From start to finish, Forge unlocks efficiencies in workforce logistics operations, ensuring optimal results.


Forge Site Services is regularly called upon to help solve strategic financial objectives and obstacles even though our clients operate in many areas perceived to be high-risk by mainstream institutions.

Sometimes our clients have a need to minimise upfront capital expenditure, or alternatively are driven to reduce operating and maintenance costs of delivered assets.

In remote sites, the need for facilities is of limited duration, and there is a desire to recover some value from the investment at the end of the program. Forge has extensive relationships and knowledge of key markets. As such, we can often can identify partnerships and solutions to financing challenges.  

For those with existing operations, we can bring fantastic global experience to strategies that can optimise your existing cost base including operational reviews, identifying partnering opportunities with other operators, reviewing and renegotiating service contracts.  Let us bring a fresh set of eyes, thought leadership and work with your team to gain the maximum value from your operation.